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Yoga Teacher Training
Ready to take your practice to the next level?

Exhale's 200 HR Teacher Training may be the opportunity you've been looking for.  There is no experience or knowledge prerequisites for the 200 Hour course - only a deep commitment to oneself.  Students will be given the right tools to be able to build a solid practice and career. Students of all levels are encouraged to use this course to either begin or continue a journey of personal exploration and acceptance, and to develop or enhance yoga teaching competencies.  

Experience is everything, and here at Exhale, your experience is very important to us. Our philosophy and goal is to help you experience the wonderful and countless benefits of Yoga; as well to inspire and enlighten the students journey toward good health and well-being.  We offer a wide range of Yoga classes as well as Woman's Self-Defense and much more.  Take a look and you’ll see what we mean...


More and more we see, hear and read news stories or studies about yoga’s benefits for ailments from diabetes to depression, and rightly so; anyone who has practiced knows how much of a total body workout yoga can be, as well as a way to quiet down the mind and gain control of your body and breath.
Up there on the list of people who should give yoga a try are expecting mothers. Prenatal yoga can be a great way to not only work the body in an essential way for moms-to-be, but also provides a good preparation for the breath and mind for delivery and beyond.

If your interested in Prenatal Yoga, contact Anna 734-307-0925

Prenatal Yoga


Inform Your Flow
While practicing, to much instruction may break up the flow. However, alignment instruction is necessary to promote both safety, longevity or practice, and it can help the student move deeper into the pose.  "Inform Your Flow" is designed to assist you in proper movement and breath.  It will equip you with the tools that will empower your yoga practice!  Check the schedule for class dates and times

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