Great for beginners or those experiencing an injury or limited range of motion. This class develops strength, flexibility and balance while gently lengthening the spine. Learn basic yet challenging poses, sequencing, proper breathing and integration of the mind.

LEVEL 50 - The Art of Living 

Don't let the title threaten you :) This class is designed for anyone 50 and above, we believe that age doesn't have to dictate how you live; so embrace, retrain, gain strength and flexibility with this low-impact class.  A guided practice accompanied with music.  Instead of focusing on what you can't do surprise yourself with how much you can do!

This class captures various postures that build from one to the next revealing an internal logic of body, breath, mind and movement. The postures are well placed and lead to a balanced, complete feeling at the end of the practice. The emphasis here is on the power of the breath and how it activates a flow of energetic release.  All levels welcome.


The continual movements, from one pose to another, gives you an added cardiovascular benefit, which more traditional forms of yoga do not have. This routine practice of vinyasa yoga can increase muscle strength, endurance and flexibility, and reduce levels of stress.  Matching breath with movement through a guided practice be ready to warm up and sweat.  Level 2 and above.


This class is designed to help relieve stress and tension. A great class for those struggling with back pain, headaches, anxiety, depression, etc.  Accompanied by music and verbal instruction with detailed instruction to improve alignment within postures. Great for beginners, or the well practiced.


A beautiful blend of meditation at the beginning of class followed by movement.  All levels class.  Fulfilling to an experienced yogi and gentle enough for a beginner

Below you'll find our class descriptions.  To see a full schedule click the blue button just below-you'll be taken to our calendar; this calendar is interactive.  Keep in mind all classes are subject to change and in some unfortunate cases cancelled.   Stay up to date with Tula Software and keep checking back with us, we will be adding new classes. We look forward to seeing you!  

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Ashtanga Yoga was founded K. Pattabhi Jois.  This dynamic, physically demanding practice synchronizes breath and movement to produce an internal heat designed to purify the body. Ashtanga yoga, with its many vinyasas, is great for building core strength and toning the body. Prepare to sweat as you briskly move through a set sequence. 


Strengthen, tone and sculpt. This class is not for the weak Matching a strong flowing sequence, utilizing breath with movement and holding postures.  Your limits will surly be tested.  When your ready to step out of your comfort zone and reach new heights within your fitness routine-we'll see you in class!


Recharge, restore and reconnect the body, mind and soul! This class combines the elements of slow flow vinyasa, restorative yoga, pranayama, and guided meditation in a warm room set to music. You will hold poses a little longer and feel the burn as you build muscle, inner strength and stamina.
This class will include asanas and various techniques that help strengthen the body, and restore the nervous system and immune system. You will feel a deeper connection to yourself and your body.

This class is designed with kids in mind ages 6-12.  We'll meet once a week for 8 weeks.  Plan to have fun with yoga poses and games to help bring awareness to the body and how we move, as well as learning the importance of alignment and stretching.  Accompanied by fun child appropriate music. Adult must be present during class.


​For ages 3-5 


This is a class time that is open to anyone who wants to work on their practice, play with arm balances, or just come meditate.  It's a time to grow and learn together as a community building comradery.  This is a donation based time frame. Even if money is hard to come by but you need a moment away; open studio is the class to come to.  This hour is not guided by an instructor.  All I ask is you treat the space with respect and honor all who are present.


While practicing, to much instruction may break up the flow.  However, alignment instruction is necessary to promote both safety, longevity or practice, and it can help the student move deeper into the pose.  "Inform Your Flow" is designed to assist you in proper movement and breath.  It will equip you with the tools that will empower your yoga practice!  Check the schedule for class dates and times